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How vision works.

The light you have to have gives off photons which bouse of in different direction before hitting the eye. In order for you to see the tissue it has to go through much be transparent. First it goes through the cornea located at the front of the eye then to the middle of the eye. Next they reach the retina the eyes photographic plate. After the pulses go to the optic nerve. Then it moves into the optic pathways then moves to the opcional brain which creates the image but the image is upside down so our brain flips it which cause us to see the images we see.    


Presidential Hopefuls view on gun control laws.


Hopeful From Political Party Present Stance on Gun Control Has this stance changed? If so, how?
Hillary Clinton NY democrat She doesn’t think people should have guns no
Ted Cruz Tx republican He want people to have guns no
Bernie Sanders VT Democrat He believes that people can own guns as long as they are good yes He didn’t want anyone owning guns now he only wants good people owning guns
Donald Trump NY Republican He thinks good people should have guns but not bad people yes A first he believed everyone should have a gun but now he thinks only good people should have guns

Death by guns. (swallowing stones choice board)

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genius hour.

We have been working hard on our project. We have our release form all writing up and ready to send it to the elementary school. We are going to ask the school to pass them out to the fifth graders. Also have all our lesson plans ready. We will hand out the recipes and how to make the food. All we need now is the church to confirm our dates. After the dates are confirmed we will go to the grocery store and buy everything that we need. Our moms will be paying for everything we buy so we need to budget. Hopefully the kids will like the things we pick out. if the don’t we will have another thing they can make. We are also going to make sure that we don’t cook anything that the kids are allergic to. I can’t wait till I get to teach in  our first class.


genius hour.

I have chosen to do a cooking class with my friends Stephanie for little kids. We are going to have a monthly class for kids in 5th grade. they will learn how to make a meal and a desert that they can cook for their family. We have already made our flyer to hand out at the school. Hopefully we will have kids show up. Although we are only taking the first 10 kids that sign up because stephanie and I can’t handle anymore. We love little kids and cooking so this is a perfect project for us. we have found all the recipes and we managed to find some that don’t make that big of us mess. We also started to make up dates and a place to host it. we don’t have much more to do until we have our first class. I can’t wait until we have our first class!


Buying a car.

buying a car.

Summary for Microhabitats

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For our experiment we observed and described a small microhabitat. Our group found a grassland like area with vegetation and a few small organisms. Its components were mostly leafs, small things, branches and a few shrubs.

Linear Art Design!


click here for liner art design work sheet.

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